Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spiral Light Over Norway & Russian Pyramid UFO: Connection?

Hello Again and Happy Holidays!
Well, I missed the extraordinary Geminid Meteor Shower, while visiting my younger brother and his girlfriend in Nashville, with the sky blanketed by thick clouds.  Man, can it get freaking cold in Tennessee!!

While I was checking out the honky tonk, country, southern, redneck, music scene in nashville, I learned of a worldwide news event which you may have heard of: the giant, mysterious, spiral light witnessed above Norway.  This occurred on December 9th, and was seen by people (including news cameras) almost all over Norway.  It has been reported in dozens of nations by countless major global news agencies.  If you feel put-off or doubtfull because you haven't seen one report of this event, don't; I have searched the internet and through the 20 google pages full of news reports from news agencies in Britain, Denmark, Norway, Russia, India, Pakistan, France, Indonesia, China, Holland, (and countless countries I cannot readily identify due to language) etc, etc,...I have found only one, yes, ONE American news report, and that was a brief synopsis from FOX News explaining that the "mysterious spiral light above Norway had been explained."

So, the spiral light (which was a perfect geometrical spiral -never before seen) photo below- was explained as a Russian Bulava missile that had gone out of control.  Oh.....  Okay....  That was that.  It piqued my curiosity, of course, but I didn't look much further into it.

Then, more reports about this mysterious spiral light began to emerge.  Nagging unanswered questions arose as well.  ...Who was responsible for the rational, scientific "explanation" of this "missile malfunction?"  How is it that it was witnessed by nearly the entire nation of Norway the night before President Obama gave his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech (in Norway), and noone in America reported it?   Hmmmm..... I became a bit more interested.

More recently, like yesterday, I found another interesting & seemingly unrelated UFO report.  A GIANT pyramid-like object was witnessed by (supposedly) hundreds of Russians, hovering over Kremlin, the capital, for hours.  This pyramid was allegedly captured by numerous amateurs via cell phone camera and two videos (one during the day, and one at night) have gone viral on the web & have stormed Russia's YouTube website as the number one viewed video on the web.   This "pyramid object" is speculated by analysts to be around 1 and 1/2 kilometers wide, and hovers, slowly tumbling above the nation's capitol.  At first, I thought the "pyramid" description to be an error, as it looked like a typical giant triangle ufo.  But after watching closely, I could see the form turning and revealing a true, humongous 3-dimensional pyramid object.  Nick Pope, former Secretary of Defense of Britain, said, "this is one of the most amazing ufo films I have seen...."  My question is: if this is real, and was seen for an extended period of time by hundreds of people, why can I only find the two videos?  ...Maybe we'll never know... -or, maybe I'll find more soon; if I do, I will definitely keep you posted!

So, how is this pyramid ufo event over Kremlin, Russia, and the event of the spiral light above Norway (supposedly caused by a Russian missile) related?  Well, maybe they are and maybe they aren't, but you should at least be made aware of some intriguing correlations/coincidences.

ONE:  The Russian News Agency, Prava, AND the British Telegraph Tribune both reported the pyramid ufo event as taking place on December 18th.  This date, according to numerous eyewitnesses (according to is incorrect.  The date of the ufo sighting was December 9th.  This is the date of the Norwegian sprial light event (due to the Russian missile, supposedly).  This is also the night before President Obama was in Norway to give his Nobe Peace Prize Acceptance speech.

TWO:  The fact that the spiral light above Norway was an anomalous, perfectly geometric spiral that glared hauntingly in Norwegian skies, isn't the only thing mysterious about it.  The apparent "scientific" agency that reported the light's "explanation" as a failed Russian missile launch is also quite mysterious.  This was announced as a possible explanation by an inconspicuous agency that is utterly unaffiliated with the Russian government, the Norwegian government, or any other involved party.  So, who the hell are they? -And what makes them so sure that this never before seen "spiral light anomaly" was caused by a Russian missile?  Why didn't Russia provide any information about this missile?  This is strange. 
---The Russian Police reportedly have "no comment" on the matter.  The '''Space Agency said, "we have no idea what this was."  This is also strange.  Why would the Russian Police have no comment?  Who were these hundreds of reported witnesses, and how do I know that is factual information?  So far, ...I don't .  So far all I have is hundreds of news reports from around the world (except America, oddly) of these events, including out-of-control popular videos of a huge pyramid ufo over Kremlin, Russia. 

Well, the spriral light did not, at first, interest me very much.  It seemed logical enough to accept the malfunctioned missile explanation.  The giant pyramid ufo over Kremlin, on the other hand, is very interesting, all on its own.  (-Why no Rusian military helicopters/jets intercepted the thing beats me).  Then the fact that, according to some random, unafilliated "scientific" groups explanation, a secret Russian NUCLEAR missile was launched and failed over Norway the day before the U.S. President was to give his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech is just downright disturbing.  You mean to say that Russia would be test launching nuclear missiles over the U.S. President's visitation of Norway right before his acceptance speech?  (and that it would cause a perfectly symmetrical spiral light?)  ...don't get me wrong, -I'm no conspiracy theorist (in fact, I am instinctively sceptical of conspiracy theories), but this is all beginning to seem just too wierd.

My official opinion would have to be "....what the heck?"
WTH is up with the spiral light in Norway the night before Obama's Peace Prize Acceptance speech (which dealt greatly with international nuclear disarmament)?
WTH is up with, not the Russians, but some random group offering this explanation of the light?
WTH is up with the giant pyramid UFO over Russia's capitol, Kremlin, the night of this spiral light event? Is it for real?  ...and if hundreds of people witnessed it, why have I only found two videos of the "pyramid?"
WTH is up the the Russian and British news agencies changing the UFO sighting date to Dec. 18th?

So, whether these two crazy events (which have been covered all around the world) are related or not, ....WTH?  Our news is inundated with reports on celebrity scandals while these two events go unreported?
And, even if the spiral light is a failed Russian nuclear missile test ....WTH?  This is NEWSWORTHY.

The "pyramid" over Russia's capitol has gone viral on the net & has become the #1 viewed video on Russia's YouTube site.  You can view both videos below (one daytime & one in the evening).  If anyone finds other videos or pictures of this "ufo," please let me know!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creepy Calculated Carnage; 4 Colorado Calves Castrated and -Mutilated.

Happy December!

As the cold crawls in and the year comes to a close, we countdown to Christmas ('holiday' doesn't start with a c) with cheerful carols and crunchy country cornballs -okay enough with the alliteration!  -but... now I'm completely addicted & clearly must continue.  Please don't cry, cringe, or criticize my clever creativity, for I will be carefull to concentrate on the subject matter.  --honestly.  (...tone it down a notch, I know...)
I normally do not care to follow cattle mutilations very closely.  I am aware that they occur, but they are just not as interesting (or confounding?) to me.  That's probably due to the 'unpleasant' factor.  You see, I find killing cows to be morally unacceptable (and I'm not even Hindu).  Come to think of it, abducting humans and subjecting them to medical operations isn't exactly saintly behavior either.  I like to think of extra-terrestrial beings as advanced and morally/spiritually/ethically alligned with my higher ideals.  But, let's face it, these beings (should they exist) may have an entirely different and even uncomprehensible view of life.
So, who's compelled to mutilate all of these cattle?  And why?  These are the big questions everyone is asking.  But first, let's examine the cases to be sure that these crazy clandestine castrations can indeed be corroborated.
Catch the complete contributing article (below), from the Tribune, by clicking the link below. (this case has also been covered by countless other news sources):
Could it be starting again? The bizarre world of cattle mutilations has been quiet for a few years, but last week, a San Luis Valley rancher in southwest Colorado found four mutilated calves on his [locked and gated] ranch, with no ready explanation of what happened to them.

Rancher Manuel Sanchez has found no signs of human attackers, such as footprints or ATV tracks. And there are no signs of an animal attack by a coyote or mountain lion.

It was like that in Weld County 10 to 30 years ago, and some farmers and ranchers have said they still find mutilated livestock, but they don't report it because of skeptics.
There are actually a ton of such cases that occur -not only here, but- around the world.  Check this out:
In the 1970s, Colorado Sen. Floyd Haskell asked for an FBI investigation after the reported mutilations reached 130 across the state. That investigation resulted in a 300-page, $45,000 report that stated the mutilations were the acts of natural predators.
The interesting thing about that little tidbit is that 'natural predators' have always been the very first thing to be obviously and completely ruled out.  It would be impossible for a natural "known" predator to concisely cut out various organs or parts of a cow with laser-like precision, leaving no blood, no tears or scratches, and no tracks.
Speculation about the mutilations have led to various theories, from space aliens to Satan worshippers, battle-fatigued Vietnam War veterans to “animal cruelty deviants.”
Most puzzling in many of the cases is the absence of animal prints, footprints or tire marks around the dead animals.
Clifford Clift of Greeley [a curiously convenient name for this post] is the chairman of the northern Colorado chapter of MUFON — Mutual UFO Network.
The group is dedicated to proving or disproving the existence of extraterrestrial beings and phenomena.

“We haven't had any cattle mutilations reported in this area for some time,” Clift said. “But that might be because farmers and ranchers have stopped reporting them.”

Clift said the lack of reporting the incidents is likely because law agencies won't investigate and some insurance companies won't pay if the cause of death is listed as “cattle mutilation.”

On June 22, 1993, a northern Weld rancher found one of her horses, named “Supercharger,” dead in a field not far from the ranch house. The horse appeared to have smooth cutting marks on the head, with one eye and ear removed. There were cuts around the jaw, and the tongue was removed. The rancher was angry when told by CSU veterinarians that it was caused by coyotes and birds. “Coyotes with scalpels,” the rancher remarked sarcastically.

Scalpels indeed.  According to, this southern Colorado rancher is experiencing a significant financial crisis due to these four mutilated calves. 

Look, call it crazy (because it is), but to get to the core of things, this is clearly happening. Blood curdling photos have been caught on camera more than a couple of times & this has even been investigated by the conniving FBI.  Either it is some covert camp of the government, some crazy cold-blooded cult, (consider a contrived conspiracy carried out by a contracted company?) or ...perhaps it is actually connected to the complicated, yet well-documented ufo phenomenon. 
I don't know what "they," whoever "they" are, want with cow parts.  All I know is that, from the clues provided, it seems like the samples could have been collected in a most humane and painless manner.  (Let's hope).  This case hasn't provided me with any concrete conclusions, but it has created a crevice of mystery and intruige. 
....Until next time....

Colorado residents will have the chance to vote, in 2010, for a commission on studying ufos.  According to the Denver Post: (also available on NPR & other news sources)
Denver voters next summer will be asked to approve the formation of a commission to study visitors from outer space.
Jeff Peckman, the 55-year-old entrepreneur behind the 2003 "Safety Through Peace" ballot initiative that asked Denver to deploy stress-reducing systems citywide, found out Monday that he had submitted enough signatures to get the issue before voters.
City Clerk and Recorder Stephanie O'Malley said he submitted 10,000 signatures... 3,974 were required to place the issue on the Aug. 10, 2010, city ballot.
If it passes, Denver will be required to create a seven-member commission tasked with collecting evidence that extraterrestrials and UFOs have been visiting Earth.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Seriously, What's Up with the Moon?

(To check out the actual picture of the hole, go to
What's this?  It's a big black hole on the moon.  And yet another "moon" posting?  Well, ...yes.  Because -WoW!-  All kinds of new discoveries are being made on our moon, "the moon."  (There's a moon in the sky and its called the moon).  First there was the recent (recent? really? Yes, quite recent actually) discovery of WATER on the moon.  Now, they (Junichi and friends) have discovered a "curiousity" in the appearance of a large black hole (a hole in the ground, not a 'blackhole') which scientists think must be a LAVA TUBE.  This is strange because usually lava tubes must appear as a series of holes, not just one singular hole.  Check out this clip from Way to go Japan.  The Kaguya satellite is doing its job, and so is Junichi.  Wow, Junichi is quite a name.  Sounds more like a name for some sort of puzzle or curse.
Junichi Haruyama and colleagues report that they have discovered a mysterious hole in the lunar surface in high resolution images from the Kaguya spacecraft. The hole is 65 meters in diameter and is located in the volcanic Marius Hills region on the near side of the moon, right in the middle of a long sinuous rille. Sinuous rilles are thought to be formed by flowing lava, either on the surface or in enclosed lava tubes.
Couldn't this hole be a fresh impact crater? Nope. Haruyama's team observed the hole nine separate times, at various illumination angles, and even when the sun was almost directly overhead it looked mostly black, suggesting that it is very deep. They calculate a depth of around 88 meters, so the hole is deeper than it is wide. No impact crater is like that. Another possibility is that the hole is due to some sort of volcanic eruption, but there is no sign of volcanic deposits like lava flows or ash emanating from the hole. The hole is isolated, so it isn't likely to be due to a fracture in the lunar crust either – you would expect such a fracture to form a chain of holes.
...So what exactly do they make of this looney lunar sphincter?...
Haruyama's team concluded that the most likely explanation is that the hole that they discovered is a "skylight" – a location where the roof of a lava tube collapsed, either when the lava filling the tube flowed away, or later in the moon's history due to an impact, moonquake, or tidal forces from the Earth. If it is a lava tube, their calculations based on the multiple images of the hole show that the tube could be 370 meters across.

Lava tubes are important in understanding how lava was transported on the early moon, but they are not just a scientific curiosity: they may also provide valuable refuges for future human explorers. The surface of the moon is not protected from the harsh radiation of space by a magnetic field or a thick atmosphere, so a long term human presence would be most feasible if astronauts could spend most of their time shielded underground.
So you see, this is quite a fascinating find for several reasons.  Holy Haruyama! -future human explorers could use these moon tubes as an early moonbase, perhaps.  I guess it makes sense that we are discovering scientific anomalies like this (and water on the moon) because we've only been to the moon less than a handful of times.  But still, the nagging question (Junichi) once again arises, "Why haven't we ever gone back to the moon?" 
Seriously though, why haven't we gone back to the moon?  I mean, we achieve this great feat and then ...just leave it at that?  Why would we go to our moon just once -except for a few "quick scoops" (as astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper explained)?  I've heard that we don't have the money, or that NASA is saving up for Mars, but, given the resources used and NASAs budget (not to mention the military's enormous black budget), that doesn't seem quite right.  This makes me wonder if those who claim that Armstrong described an intimidating alien presence on the moon aren't accurate after all.  But, ...who knows?  Perhaps it truly is just the money.  ....(doesn't seem right, I say)

Well, only 5 days till the full moon.  Check it out (binoculars are awesome on the moon!).  You may just observe some "transient lunar luminosities."  And speaking of full, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.  I sure did.  Butternut squash stuffed with pecans and marshmellow cream, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, greenbean casserole, fresh baked bread, chestnut stuffing, celebration roast, pumpkin pie, quinoa pilaf, homemade applesauce....  so much to be thankful for.

Friday, November 20, 2009

UFOs Over Austin, Texas?

Howdy, y'all!
I was initially very hesitant to post about this, because, you know, I'd hate to discredit the subject of UFOs with crappy misinformation.  BUT, (there's always a big but) since I live in Austin, as soon as I saw this posted from MyFox News I just had to look into it.
Turns out, Chris Hardman, from Houston has filmed over 50 of these lights -er, "ufos" over Houston, Austin, and Dallas.  Hmmmm...  I'VE never seen one of these (but I do see a lot of planes and helicopters).  Okay, ...judging from the videos (available on YouTube as well as the news), this guy and his friends definitely sound pretty "country" (as they call it here).  -Normally I would say ...redneck-y.  (no offense, Chris, if you read this ...if you're able to read this -just kidding!)  Seriously, nothing wrong with country.

Nevertheless, whether he's a redneck or not, as a girlfriend of mine once said; A Hardman is Good to Find.   I will watch as many of these videos, search as many blog sites, news forums etc. on this guy as I can -so you don't have to.  Hell, I may even try to track him down -he's not far.  In the meantime, you can fast forward through time by just reading on.  -I'll be right back. . .  .  .   .
   .    .   .  .  . . . ...Let's do the timewarp again... . . .  .  .   .   .    .

....OK, I'm back.
Long story short, -whew!, that's a lot of shaking lights; -I feel like I'm six buds deep.  I couldn't manage to get a hold of Mr. Hardman (because I never tried, to be perfectly honest), and I couldn't find a lot of response on the interweb.  However, his story/video IS posted on quite a few blogs and news forums -I guess because it is so recent, there aren't many responses yet.  In fact, the video shown on the news (watch below) was shot last Saturday11/14/09, while I was out on the town celebrating my partner's big 30th Birthday.  It was a raucus riot, and before the night ended I saw a few unidentified flying objects, but sadly, nothing extra-terrestrial. 
       So, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave this one wide open.  I'm not sure what to think.  Yes I know that ufo's responding to lighter flicks sounds corny and crazy, but these days, I'm frankly pretty unbiased on the far-out-o-meter (in fact, some people would even say that I, myself, am pretty far out).  Some people think these are real, (and they've actually seen lights like this before), some people say these kinds of ufo sightings are increasing, and some people say that Mr. Hardman needs to invest in a tripod.  (To be honest, that'd help a bit, but he'd still need to move the camera to follow the thing, right?). 
       Anyhow, please watch his most recent video below -its very quiet (if you're at work) and not very long.  This video shows this "ufo" swooping down & appearing to get much closer to Mr. Hardman.  At first, I thought it was just the camera zooming in, but after looking at the background stars, I'm not sure if zooming would be possible...  Anyhow, check it out, and see if you think the "ufo" is going down on him or not.   ...I think you'll get a kick out of it.  I did.

So...... what do you think? Seems like the thing is going down on him, right?  Judging from the number of responses to my blog, I guess I'm asking myself this question.  Well, Greg, I have to say I think that Chris Hardman and his friends are recording some moving lights over Texas.  Whether they are helicopters, ufos, or something else ...I cannot say.  The video (above) showing the "ufo" getting closer to him is (after several viewings) somewhat impressive, or at least thought provoking.  ...If there is an easy way to do this (via zoom, or something else) please let me know -I'll be honest; I'm not extremely tech savvy. 
      I've added a couple of another video taken by Chris Hardman below.  I've also added a surprise video taken by "CallOnYahweh"?  Maybe this is the first clue to figure out what the hell this bullsh*t is all about! BTW If you type HardmanChris into YouTube, you'll find his channel, and links to his friends' channels.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Curious Case of Gary McKinnon

Hello there,
Family visiting has kept me busy for the past couple of days.  As usual when Aaron and Celina visit (my partner's younger brother & his ...partner), it has been extremely rewarding!  (I mean 'rewarding' in the sense that they are fun and engaging and Aaron shared some interesting knowledge about lucid dreaming, not to indicate anything laborious or unpleasant).

Now, if you are already familiar with the case of Gary McKinnon, you may want to skip this paragraph, as I will briefly introduce and summarize his case for those who are not familiar.  Gary McKinnon: skinny, odd-looking, nerdy, surprisingly eloquent, British stoner dude who is into computers and ufo's.  In the late 90's until 2002 (during the time of high alert) he hacked into various NASA and US Air Force databases, as well as the Pentagon, searching for hidden classified information on UFOs and "free energy."  To the embarrasment of the U.S. gov't, Gary used a purchased software program called "Remotely Anywhere," a slow dial-up modem, and his own email address.  Needless to say, he was caught, and now, the US is claiming damages of $800,000 and that Gary compromised sensitive data.  The US is planning to extradite Gary from England, to be tried "and fried" (so-to-speak) as a terrorist in the US for what one prosecutor called "the biggest military computer hack of all time."  Lawyers, citizens, and a few members of Parliament are fighting to keep his trial in the UK, but so far they have not been entirely successful.

Why this is important:
That Gary McKinnon not be extradited from the UK and treated as a terrorist is important for several reasons. 
First of all, if a self-confessed hacker nerd, obsessed with a supposed "ufo cover-up" stays up at night in his girlfriend's apartment looking for proof of ufos by guessing passwords (and happens to guess correctly several times), this is far from "terrorist" activity.  Something is seriously not right with this situation. As soon as he was arrested by British Police in 2002, Gary immediately confessed to everything that he did.  This is not even a sketchy, super-high-tech break in we're talking about; he literally just assumed (correctly) that not all of the personnel with security clearance would have changed their password from "password."  Using software called "Remotely Anywhere" on a very slow dial-up modem, which took forever to display even partial images, -he wasn't even able to save anything. 
Several times (in poor judgement, he confesses) he even left nerdy messages like "I am solo," and "your security is crap."  He says that it is impossible that he caused damages anywhere remotely (pun intended) close to $800,000.  (This comes from the 'supposed' 5K of damage for every computer he was on, -which is baloney- and is being used to warrant his extradition to the U.S.) The main cost would simply be to update the (complete lack of) security on the government's databases.  Frankly, the US should hire him to revise their computer security, or at least, thank him for pointing out their gross negligence.  A more detailed account of Gary's case is provided on The Black Vault's Encyclopedia site:

So why the severe punishment (60 years in prison)?  Is the US government simply making an example of him, or do they feel threatened in some other way?  Perhaps "they" are hiding something....  Could it be that Gary found something he was looking for?

Gary claims to have found two folders (before and after) of NASA satellite images that had been modified.  He saw images in which large shadows on Earth's surface had been "airbrushed" out, as well as an image of a huge cylindrical object in orbit that was clearly no man-made satellite of any kind. [...I'm listening...go on]

Another finding includes documents mentioning 'non-terrestrial officers' and space-based 'fleet-to-fleet transfers'.

Interestingly, when asked if he found any other evidence of extra-terrestrial activity, he politely stated that he could not confirm or deny. ...perhaps a bargaining chip?... (perhaps not)
You can hear more from Gary directly in the brief interview below!

Gary has stated that if anyone, or any government, is hiding information that would benefit humanity, that is wrong.  I, for one, agree completely.  Furthermore, the UK Computer Misuse Act of 1990 covers hacking into computers of foreign governments, so this should take precedence over the US-UK Extradition Treaty.  That would be 6 months of community service, or a maximum of 6 months in prison.  I repeat; he never even stole anyone's password, -the passwords were set to default!  Another note of concern is why he is being singled out, since during his 'explorations' he apparently found many other IP addresses that had accessed the databases, many of which originated from places like China.

To learn more about Gary McKinnon's case, or to find out what you can do to help, go to
Lastly, our talented friend Gary is also quite the musician.  Cool, huh?  I believe there is also a benefit compilation song featuring Chryssie Hynde of the Pretenders (awesome), called Chicago - Change the World. (original song by Graham Nash) 

> >>=NEWSFLASH=<< <
Apparently, today's launch of the space shuttle Atlantis was a success!  The shuttle is carrying several TONS of parts for the International Space Station (ISS).  I would tell you more, but surely you can look this up for yourself.  Goodbye for now.  Have a wonderful day, and keep your eyes to the skies (but don't crash or run into anything).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

China Saucer

What's Up with China? 
They seem to have more UFO enthusiasm than we do.  -Not as much as Latin America, though  That's another post.

Surprisingly, a government owned chinese news site called Xinhua (or China View) has reported:

BEIJING, Nov. 10 -- Aliens are living in Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to a professor of physics at Yunnan University.

Zhang, 62, was just one of hundreds of sky watchers who convened to discuss unexplained phenomena at the October 31-November 16 Kunming UFO Forum, perhaps the only place in China where "have you seen the saucers?" is a preferred greeting.

UFOs are an "old" topic in China: the elderly took up about half the seats at the forum hosted by Zhang on Saturday, a half-empty hall with capacity for about 200. Zhang joined the Kunming UFO Research Association in 1980 and has shared sightings with associations from other provinces.

Read the entire article for yourself at

I don't know about that article... I mean, predicting ufos?  Um, could he have mentioned how? -or why?  Of course, 'aliens living in the mountains' is also kinda wierd, geez, was this guy born in the year of the loon?
...Who knows?  So, maybe you're thinking, "Hello...fotune cookie say: alien look like chinese lantern."  However, to be fair, there have been numerous mass sightings in China, such as the famous mass sighting recorded by millions of people all across Asia during the solar eclipse of 1981, of a bright, spiral shaped object. 
More Mas Sightings In China:
In recent months, there has been another solar eclipse, during which, viewers also witnessed (and videotaped) a UFO. 

Furthermore, even more recently, xinhua has reported yet another mass sighting  in China, which was captured on film (see above photo). 

According to, the Chinese government has also recently released footage of a ufo recorded in 1995.  The Chinese government has officially deemed the object in the video to be truly unidentified (either natural or extra-terestrial phenomenon), and as such, the video has been "classified" until just recently.

According to, the Chinese government also regularly collects UFO videos for the purpose of identification.

Finally, professional astronomers at China's Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjiing, have stated that they have filmed an unidentified object for over 40 minutes. has reported:
The UFO world is alive with speculation that China is about to reveal details of startling and detailed footage of an unidentified flying object taken during the solar eclipse on July22.
Not wanting to jump to any conclusions, they have stated that they will be devoting the next 12 months studying the film data to determine what the object could represent. (although the object appears to have started as a glowing blue sphere and to have changed shape and appearance many times)

-There. -That's a good scientific response (the kind we see so little of portrayed by the American scientific community)  They have filmed a UFO.  They do not know what it could be.  They are NOT saying "it must be alien spacecraft."  But, they are also NOT saying, "this is stupid, it is obviously nothing."  They ARE saying: we will spend the next twelve months trying to determine what the object could be.

-Bravo!  ...I hope they find out.  (and I hope they tell us when they find out).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Atlantis Anomalies, Discovery's Strange Discovery... and Other NASA UFOs

        Are these cheezy B-rated fiction titles?  Well, they could be, but actually, these are NASA shuttles that have unwittingly captured some pretty amazing UFO footage.  Now, what are these "ufos" really?  Well, let me just say, in my effort to find out, I discovered enough NASA UFO footage to bore the hell out of anyone who isn't completely insane.  ...Seems like every time they go up there, they're filming something crazy... Maybe they should change their name to Now Another Strange Anomaly.

Actually, it is outer space, so its all quite fascinating.  HOWEVER, let me first say that several of these "videos" can be explained away quite simply, or at least, well enough for me to accept that they are nonsense.  Particles, debris, trash, ice crystals... -all of these things can be quite reflective in outer space, so if a small bright object appears to be floating through the camera view, it doesn't necessarily have to be a flying saucer.  That is, ...if it doesn't change speed or direction (or behave like a flying saucer).

Turns out, ONE out of this plethora of NASA videos, (which is by far the most famous), provides what seems to be the most substantial evidence that ufos are travelling around Earth.  -And even more unsettling, that we may have weapons of some sort that we're firing at them.

This is the video taken by the Discovery Shuttle in 1991.  I'll let you watch it first, before doing any sort of interprative analysis. Please take a moment (it's very short) and click to watch the video below:
(Actually, the main action sequence is from about 1:20-2:00; this is the original NASA footage, so you may want to skip the boring parts -although there are many anomalies in this video)

There are 3 main reasons why this video is (not to mention, the most famous) the most fascinating video evidence of UFOs to date.

1) You saw the video...  It shows several small moving objects (which must be either quite large or very bright) gliding over the Earth, and then a bright FLASH occurs.  Immediately after (or just as) this flash occurs, the objects (particularly the most prominent object) stops, and completely changes direction, zipping up and away from Earth. 

2) Even Better.  NASA has verified this video's authenticity by providing a public explanation of the recorded events.  Two astronauts (who were aboard the Discovery when the video was taken) offer an explanation of the footage that dispels any thought of anomalous activity.  Their explanation is that A: the bright objects observed are ice particles  B: the flash is the shuttle booster firing, and C: the particles change direction due to gases from the booster firing.

3) Now, the very BEST evidence that this is actual footage of our governments firing sometthing at UFOs, is ...that ...the official NASA explanation of this video has been scientifically proven to be false.
First, the shuttle's camera is focused to infinity, which means that anything close up will NOT be in focus if it shows up at all.  This is apparent because the camera is focused on the Earth, and toward the end of the video, when the camera pans down to the shuttle bay, the shuttle bay is out of focus until refocusing.  Certainly any particles of ice or anything nearby of moderate size would not show up, as such, on the video.  So, since the camera was focused on infinity, the bright objects are obviously very far away and relatively close to Earth in relation to the shuttle.
Second, if the "flash" is the shuttle firing its attitude adjustment jets (as NASA claims) the view of Earth and background star would change.  Also, mission control never authorized such a maneuver.  Furthermore, the primary moving object actually slows and stops a second before the flash appears.  Finally, scientists have explained that firing the jets couldn't cause a particle to slow and stop prior to changing direction.

Analysis of the video shows that the "firing" eminates from around Australia.  There is a large American installation at Pine Gap, Australia, belonging to the supersecret National Reconnaissance Office (which is loosely tied to the Air Force, but reports to the CIA).  This base is treated by Aussies as somewhat of an "area 51" type of base, and is involved in the STAR WARS type satellite control and missile defense systems you may have heard of.

To sum up; It is unknown if Pine Gap is the source of this "firing," and it is unknown what these extraordinarily fast-moving objects (which appear to evade the firing).  What is known is that NASA's explanation of the video has been proven to be incorrect.

It seems that the reason why the scientific community is so quick to accept erroneous explanations and to ignore this kind of evidence (as well as mass sightings, pilot sightings, radar readings & ufo footage in general), is that the very notion of "ufos" is culturally shunned and linked to superstition and craziness.  It is culturally crazy to entertain the idea of flying saucers, or ufos, and the scientific community seems to be reinforcing this cultural bias, which is very UNscientific.  They should know better, after all, it was culturally crazy to entertain the notion that the Earth is just one small planet orbiting our sun.  Not long ago, it was "scientifically proven" that getting to the moon would be impossible, because the fuel needed would greatly outweigh the means of leaving Earth. 

I say its time for all of the general scientific community and skeptics to step up and face the issue and analyze the facts.  I guess people are always scared of the unknown.  I, for one, want to know ...what's up with the aliens?  I'm sure I'm helping things with my posts about lesbian nazi hookers, (jk -c'mon, it was funny), but I think people need to start accepting the topic of ufos as a serious matter and a real phenomenon. 

On that note, I will leave you with another interesting video of apparent NASA ufo footage. [Please note: I am unimpressed with the "tether" sequence (at the end), which can be explained as particle reflections]