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Creepy Calculated Carnage; 4 Colorado Calves Castrated and -Mutilated.

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As the cold crawls in and the year comes to a close, we countdown to Christmas ('holiday' doesn't start with a c) with cheerful carols and crunchy country cornballs -okay enough with the alliteration!  -but... now I'm completely addicted & clearly must continue.  Please don't cry, cringe, or criticize my clever creativity, for I will be carefull to concentrate on the subject matter.  --honestly.  (...tone it down a notch, I know...)
I normally do not care to follow cattle mutilations very closely.  I am aware that they occur, but they are just not as interesting (or confounding?) to me.  That's probably due to the 'unpleasant' factor.  You see, I find killing cows to be morally unacceptable (and I'm not even Hindu).  Come to think of it, abducting humans and subjecting them to medical operations isn't exactly saintly behavior either.  I like to think of extra-terrestrial beings as advanced and morally/spiritually/ethically alligned with my higher ideals.  But, let's face it, these beings (should they exist) may have an entirely different and even uncomprehensible view of life.
So, who's compelled to mutilate all of these cattle?  And why?  These are the big questions everyone is asking.  But first, let's examine the cases to be sure that these crazy clandestine castrations can indeed be corroborated.
Catch the complete contributing article (below), from the Tribune, by clicking the link below. (this case has also been covered by countless other news sources):
Could it be starting again? The bizarre world of cattle mutilations has been quiet for a few years, but last week, a San Luis Valley rancher in southwest Colorado found four mutilated calves on his [locked and gated] ranch, with no ready explanation of what happened to them.

Rancher Manuel Sanchez has found no signs of human attackers, such as footprints or ATV tracks. And there are no signs of an animal attack by a coyote or mountain lion.

It was like that in Weld County 10 to 30 years ago, and some farmers and ranchers have said they still find mutilated livestock, but they don't report it because of skeptics.
There are actually a ton of such cases that occur -not only here, but- around the world.  Check this out:
In the 1970s, Colorado Sen. Floyd Haskell asked for an FBI investigation after the reported mutilations reached 130 across the state. That investigation resulted in a 300-page, $45,000 report that stated the mutilations were the acts of natural predators.
The interesting thing about that little tidbit is that 'natural predators' have always been the very first thing to be obviously and completely ruled out.  It would be impossible for a natural "known" predator to concisely cut out various organs or parts of a cow with laser-like precision, leaving no blood, no tears or scratches, and no tracks.
Speculation about the mutilations have led to various theories, from space aliens to Satan worshippers, battle-fatigued Vietnam War veterans to “animal cruelty deviants.”
Most puzzling in many of the cases is the absence of animal prints, footprints or tire marks around the dead animals.
Clifford Clift of Greeley [a curiously convenient name for this post] is the chairman of the northern Colorado chapter of MUFON — Mutual UFO Network.
The group is dedicated to proving or disproving the existence of extraterrestrial beings and phenomena.

“We haven't had any cattle mutilations reported in this area for some time,” Clift said. “But that might be because farmers and ranchers have stopped reporting them.”

Clift said the lack of reporting the incidents is likely because law agencies won't investigate and some insurance companies won't pay if the cause of death is listed as “cattle mutilation.”

On June 22, 1993, a northern Weld rancher found one of her horses, named “Supercharger,” dead in a field not far from the ranch house. The horse appeared to have smooth cutting marks on the head, with one eye and ear removed. There were cuts around the jaw, and the tongue was removed. The rancher was angry when told by CSU veterinarians that it was caused by coyotes and birds. “Coyotes with scalpels,” the rancher remarked sarcastically.

Scalpels indeed.  According to, this southern Colorado rancher is experiencing a significant financial crisis due to these four mutilated calves. 

Look, call it crazy (because it is), but to get to the core of things, this is clearly happening. Blood curdling photos have been caught on camera more than a couple of times & this has even been investigated by the conniving FBI.  Either it is some covert camp of the government, some crazy cold-blooded cult, (consider a contrived conspiracy carried out by a contracted company?) or ...perhaps it is actually connected to the complicated, yet well-documented ufo phenomenon. 
I don't know what "they," whoever "they" are, want with cow parts.  All I know is that, from the clues provided, it seems like the samples could have been collected in a most humane and painless manner.  (Let's hope).  This case hasn't provided me with any concrete conclusions, but it has created a crevice of mystery and intruige. 
....Until next time....

Colorado residents will have the chance to vote, in 2010, for a commission on studying ufos.  According to the Denver Post: (also available on NPR & other news sources)
Denver voters next summer will be asked to approve the formation of a commission to study visitors from outer space.
Jeff Peckman, the 55-year-old entrepreneur behind the 2003 "Safety Through Peace" ballot initiative that asked Denver to deploy stress-reducing systems citywide, found out Monday that he had submitted enough signatures to get the issue before voters.
City Clerk and Recorder Stephanie O'Malley said he submitted 10,000 signatures... 3,974 were required to place the issue on the Aug. 10, 2010, city ballot.
If it passes, Denver will be required to create a seven-member commission tasked with collecting evidence that extraterrestrials and UFOs have been visiting Earth.

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