Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alien Base On the Moon: LUNA? or, Looney Tunes?

So, several sources claim that, on the side of the moon that never faces Earth (also called the dark side of the moon), there is an ET base or outpost or something -and that NASA and the Russian Space Agency both know about it!  Is this crazy or what?  This sounds even nuttier than pretending your child has been carried off by a home-made UFO balloon., [calming hands]...folks... let us examine these claims and search for any possible sound evidence before dismissing it completely, ...shall we? -we shall.  After all, even the famous scientist Carl Sagan, an outspoken UFO skeptic, claimed that we should not be utterly surprised should we find alien artifacts on the moon.

FIRST - There are the totally unverified reports (though confirmed by several former NASA employees [Otto Binder and Maurice Chatelain], Russian scientists, and the VHF guys who hacked the transmission) that Armstrong & Aldrin found giant ships on the moon, lining a crater, that basically "warned" them off the moon.  Karl Wolf, US Air Force, has also testified that in 1965, while repairing electronic photographic equipment at Langley Field for NASAs Lunar Orbiter project, he was told by a second class airman, "by the way, we've discovered a base on the back side of the moon." Watch his testimony...

SECOND - There are the well known phenomena of lunar lights called "lunar luminosities," reported more that 200 times, which scientists have no explanation for, despite various hypothoses such as atmospheric lightning and volcanic activity.  Large moving shadows, flashing lights, and beams of light have been reported traversing across the lunar surface.

THIRD - The eerie fact that, despite plans to build a moon base, and many other extremely good reasons to go back to the moon, we have not returned to the moon at all (except for quick soil scoops and such) since the original moon landing.

FOURTH - The Clementine Images. (taken directly from NASAs clementine image database)
NASA has provided the public with images from the 1995 Clementine satellite orbit of the moon (around the far side of the moon).  Several of these images contain portions that appear to be "smudged" or airbrushed.  Interestingly, these smudges appear in shapes that would fit giant towers and structures.

FIFTH - The images from Clementine that NASA provided to the public, are only 170,000 of the approximately 1,800,000 images taken by Clementine.  The rest of the images taken by Clementine are CLASSIFIED.  What kind of moon craters present classified information?

SIXTH - I don't really have a sixth, but.... I don't think I need one.  (It's a blog, not a book)

So, for now, stew on that.  You have NASA images of anomalies on the moon, classified moon images, rumors of encounters on the moon, the fact that we haven't returned to the moon, and all of the astronauts who claimed to have been followed by UFOs.  WIERD, HUH?.... let me know what you think.

....'til next time...

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