Friday, November 20, 2009

UFOs Over Austin, Texas?

Howdy, y'all!
I was initially very hesitant to post about this, because, you know, I'd hate to discredit the subject of UFOs with crappy misinformation.  BUT, (there's always a big but) since I live in Austin, as soon as I saw this posted from MyFox News I just had to look into it.
Turns out, Chris Hardman, from Houston has filmed over 50 of these lights -er, "ufos" over Houston, Austin, and Dallas.  Hmmmm...  I'VE never seen one of these (but I do see a lot of planes and helicopters).  Okay, ...judging from the videos (available on YouTube as well as the news), this guy and his friends definitely sound pretty "country" (as they call it here).  -Normally I would say ...redneck-y.  (no offense, Chris, if you read this ...if you're able to read this -just kidding!)  Seriously, nothing wrong with country.

Nevertheless, whether he's a redneck or not, as a girlfriend of mine once said; A Hardman is Good to Find.   I will watch as many of these videos, search as many blog sites, news forums etc. on this guy as I can -so you don't have to.  Hell, I may even try to track him down -he's not far.  In the meantime, you can fast forward through time by just reading on.  -I'll be right back. . .  .  .   .
   .    .   .  .  . . . ...Let's do the timewarp again... . . .  .  .   .   .    .

....OK, I'm back.
Long story short, -whew!, that's a lot of shaking lights; -I feel like I'm six buds deep.  I couldn't manage to get a hold of Mr. Hardman (because I never tried, to be perfectly honest), and I couldn't find a lot of response on the interweb.  However, his story/video IS posted on quite a few blogs and news forums -I guess because it is so recent, there aren't many responses yet.  In fact, the video shown on the news (watch below) was shot last Saturday11/14/09, while I was out on the town celebrating my partner's big 30th Birthday.  It was a raucus riot, and before the night ended I saw a few unidentified flying objects, but sadly, nothing extra-terrestrial. 
       So, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave this one wide open.  I'm not sure what to think.  Yes I know that ufo's responding to lighter flicks sounds corny and crazy, but these days, I'm frankly pretty unbiased on the far-out-o-meter (in fact, some people would even say that I, myself, am pretty far out).  Some people think these are real, (and they've actually seen lights like this before), some people say these kinds of ufo sightings are increasing, and some people say that Mr. Hardman needs to invest in a tripod.  (To be honest, that'd help a bit, but he'd still need to move the camera to follow the thing, right?). 
       Anyhow, please watch his most recent video below -its very quiet (if you're at work) and not very long.  This video shows this "ufo" swooping down & appearing to get much closer to Mr. Hardman.  At first, I thought it was just the camera zooming in, but after looking at the background stars, I'm not sure if zooming would be possible...  Anyhow, check it out, and see if you think the "ufo" is going down on him or not.   ...I think you'll get a kick out of it.  I did.

So...... what do you think? Seems like the thing is going down on him, right?  Judging from the number of responses to my blog, I guess I'm asking myself this question.  Well, Greg, I have to say I think that Chris Hardman and his friends are recording some moving lights over Texas.  Whether they are helicopters, ufos, or something else ...I cannot say.  The video (above) showing the "ufo" getting closer to him is (after several viewings) somewhat impressive, or at least thought provoking.  ...If there is an easy way to do this (via zoom, or something else) please let me know -I'll be honest; I'm not extremely tech savvy. 
      I've added a couple of another video taken by Chris Hardman below.  I've also added a surprise video taken by "CallOnYahweh"?  Maybe this is the first clue to figure out what the hell this bullsh*t is all about! BTW If you type HardmanChris into YouTube, you'll find his channel, and links to his friends' channels.

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