Tuesday, November 10, 2009

China Saucer

What's Up with China? 
They seem to have more UFO enthusiasm than we do.  -Not as much as Latin America, though ...wow.  That's another post.

Surprisingly, a government owned chinese news site called Xinhua (or China View) has reported:

BEIJING, Nov. 10 -- Aliens are living in Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to a professor of physics at Yunnan University.

Zhang, 62, was just one of hundreds of sky watchers who convened to discuss unexplained phenomena at the October 31-November 16 Kunming UFO Forum, perhaps the only place in China where "have you seen the saucers?" is a preferred greeting.

UFOs are an "old" topic in China: the elderly took up about half the seats at the forum hosted by Zhang on Saturday, a half-empty hall with capacity for about 200. Zhang joined the Kunming UFO Research Association in 1980 and has shared sightings with associations from other provinces.

Read the entire article for yourself at http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009-11/10/content_12426059.htm

I don't know about that article... I mean, predicting ufos?  Um, could he have mentioned how? -or why?  Of course, 'aliens living in the mountains' is also kinda wierd, geez, was this guy born in the year of the loon?
...Who knows?  So, maybe you're thinking, "Hello...fotune cookie say: alien look like chinese lantern."  However, to be fair, there have been numerous mass sightings in China, such as the famous mass sighting recorded by millions of people all across Asia during the solar eclipse of 1981, of a bright, spiral shaped object. 
More Mas Sightings In China:
In recent months, there has been another solar eclipse, during which, viewers also witnessed (and videotaped) a UFO. 

Furthermore, even more recently, xinhua has reported yet another mass sighting  in China, which was captured on film (see above photo). 

According to allnewsweb.com, the Chinese government has also recently released footage of a ufo recorded in 1995.  The Chinese government has officially deemed the object in the video to be truly unidentified (either natural or extra-terestrial phenomenon), and as such, the video has been "classified" until just recently.

According to allnewsweb.com, the Chinese government also regularly collects UFO videos for the purpose of identification.

Finally, professional astronomers at China's Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjiing, have stated that they have filmed an unidentified object for over 40 minutes.  Telegraph.co.uk has reported:
The UFO world is alive with speculation that China is about to reveal details of startling and detailed footage of an unidentified flying object taken during the solar eclipse on July22.
Not wanting to jump to any conclusions, they have stated that they will be devoting the next 12 months studying the film data to determine what the object could represent. (although the object appears to have started as a glowing blue sphere and to have changed shape and appearance many times)

-There. -That's a good scientific response (the kind we see so little of portrayed by the American scientific community)  They have filmed a UFO.  They do not know what it could be.  They are NOT saying "it must be alien spacecraft."  But, they are also NOT saying, "this is stupid, it is obviously nothing."  They ARE saying: we will spend the next twelve months trying to determine what the object could be.

-Bravo!  ...I hope they find out.  (and I hope they tell us when they find out).

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  1. I wonder what the Chinese government's official stance on ufos is. Since they now own the U.S., it might be important...